So, you want to have your car transported to a specific location huh? And this is your first time? You must be tentative because you’ve never done this before and you don’t want anything to go wrong, especially due to the significant investment your car has been. Transporting your automobile doesn’t have to be a nightmare. A thorough understanding of how it works will help you ease your mind of the problems that may result in such.

1. Trailers

There are many transport trailer options, the most popular among these types is the open carrier transport. The open carrier transport, aside from being popular, is the least expensive mode of transporting automobiles. Usually, your automobile will be transported on haulers like the ones used to deliver new cars. These trailers have a capacity of eight to ten cars. They are around 80 feet long and 14 feet high. With their immense size, they are limited to traveling on major roads that are free of possible obstacles such as trees and such. They are also limited to traveling on roads that can support their weight. These trailers cannot maneuver easily on tight turns.

This is a good way to transport automobiles – the only downside is that your car may not be that well protected against the elements, dust, and wear and tear usually associated with highway travel.

2. Enclosed Trailer Transport

This is by far the most expensive option but all that cost is worth it because your car will likely be in better shape than if it were transported via an open transport carrier. This type of transport is the best for rare, exotic, or expensive cars. Automobiles to be displayed during car shows are usually traveled using this type of transport. It provides the safest, most secure method of auto transport.

3. Self-Transport

There are other people who prefer to transport their vehicles themselves. This is the riskiest way to transport your vehicle, especially if you are unskilled in such operations. Usually this is performed by renting a trailer and driving the trailer yourself.

If you do choose this type of transport, you may want to learn more about the trailer and its operation. You should ask the owner for instructions and hints on operating such an automobile.

– Always discuss your automobile with the transport service before you agree to the terms

– Make sure the service knows what your car looks like, its dimensions, and possible problems that may be encountered when delivering

– Make sure everything is understood before closing the deal

4. Be aware of the pickup time and transport time

Pick up time is the amount of time it takes from receipt of the order to transport until your automobile is loaded unto the trailer. This time is usually 2 and 10 days. Transport services appreciate a three-day allowance to find a trailer and assign your car to that trailer.

Transit time will take about 8-10 days. This depends on the destination and route taken. These trailers will usually carry about ten automobiles at the same time. And as he makes the necessary stops to deliver each automobile, he could use up a lot of time. So, it would do well to be patient during these times.

There are also deals such as guaranteed delivery and express service. These deals will make sure your car gets delivered earlier but will cost much more. If money is no question, then by all means use every method possible to keep your automobile safe and secure.