In the history of Ayurveda, one of India’s great gifts to humankind, aromatherapy, and incense have played a very vital part. The incense is in the first place the simplest product in Aromatherapy and the most basic in Ayurveda. All the natural incense can even be employed in aromatherapy as they contain the vital energy that only nature is said to generate.

The ayurvedic aromatherapy incense’s basic nature lies in the process of the burning of the aromatic herbs and other botanical elements that are contained in a stick of incense. According to the principles of Ayurveda, it is the sense of smell that gets around the rational mind that can influence the more subtle levels of the human being, which in turn brings the spirit of harmony and balance to the whole being. It is with this effect that the ayurvedic aromatherapy incense is said to enhance the overall health, as well as the mood of a person, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Certain formulations and steps are generally involved in the preparation of the ayurvedic aromatherapy incense, but all of these appear to be very simple. Typically, the base of the ayurvedic aromatherapy incense is a tenderly measured mixture of essential oils and aromatic elements that are extracted from roots, bark, fruit, and resin. The base is then mixed with water to form a paste, and it is added with a natural essential oil blend and rolled onto the bamboo stick. After this, it is left to dry. It is basically the adding of a natural essential oil blend to the paste before rolling it into the bamboo stick which provides the ayurvedic aromatherapy incense a particular scented fragrance.

In the principles of ayurvedic aromatherapy, the herbal properties of the ayurvedic aromatherapy incense’s components are generally blended in a way that harmonizes the three Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. It is then the balanced composition of the final product aims at acquiring a certain effect, which takes into account the knowledge of the Principle maintained by the Ayurveda medicine and aromatherapy as well. The mechanisms which govern the elements of the ayurvedic aromatherapy incense also play a major role in the larger context of a holistic view.

A number of ayurvedic aromatherapy incenses are now popular in the world. Some of them are widely known, while there are still others that are left unknown. The Camphor ayurvedic aromatherapy incense is one of the concrete examples of the better-known ayurvedic aromatherapy incense, which is said to increase prana, opens the sensorial perception, and gives mental clarity. This is actually a stimulant and deemed as a symbol of Purity as it has the power to purify the subtle atmosphere.