When I speak with many websites and business owners, I usually get asked this question over and over again. And that is what can I do to get more customers, clients, or subscribers? Well, there are 1001 answers I can give that question. Because there are so many ways to find new business.

The problem with finding and advertising for new customers is that it can be expensive. In essence, it could even be a gamble to fork out a bunch of money on a new advertising campaign because you really don’t know what the outcome or response will be. This is especially true on a new advertising strategy. If you’re like a lot of business operators you’ll slap an ad together, and publish it somewhere, hoping for the best.

To make matters even worse most of the time businesses publish an ad that always starts with a headline with their company name on top. What they really should be doing is putting a strong benefit to start the ad as a headline, so the reader’s eyeballs continue to read the rest! But this article is not about advertising to first-time customers; it’s about something better, a more affordable strategy with trust and recognition automatically built in!

It’s marketing and building a strong relationship with the customers and clients you have now! Imagine, someone has bought something from you. They trust you and see you as the trusted source for your product or service. Once they buy, don’t just expect them to buy from you again. You really need to stay in front of them. And I don’t mean pestering them or applying high sales pressure. That will just kill any future business.

What you can do is use this proven and effective idea. Before I mention what the idea is, let me ask you something? Are you are collecting all of your customer’s contact data? If not, start now.

Ok here is the profit-boosting, referral generating idea that will pump in more business for you. Every month, send your customers or email them a “specially designed newsletter”. A monthly newsletter postcard that lets you communicate with your customers in a fun way while you’re actually marketing for more business. Fun to read a monthly newsletter that gives all kinds of everyday advice and tips. Your customers will look forward to receiving it every month, plus it will surely get past around. The newsletter template style I’m talking about is a giant postcard 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper 24lb or 60lb card stock (colored). The front and back should have neat, short articles to read, tips, puzzles, and most importantly a couple of places for you to place your monthly special offer, promotion, and web address. Mail the newsletter on card stock, and it will get read. How can it not?

Sending this newsletter out every month is less costly and more effective than starting a new advertising campaign ad piece. In fact, it costs 6 times more to get a new customer, then compared to marketing to your current customer base. The newsletter postcard I’m referring to is a newsletter template that can make the reader’s/customers’ life better, faster, and easier. It is all about what benefits them. They will appreciate your monthly newsletter.

Use it if you want to stand out, make a difference, and impress your customers. This is the most powerful marketing piece that will be in your possession. This is one idea that may truly put a nice boost into your bottom line because now you’ll get more business from your current, prospective, and lost customers.