When learning how to crochet, you will soon realize that the patterns use a lot of abbreviations. These are crochet terms that are shortened to make patterns shorter and easier to read. Anyone learning how to crochet needs to familiarize themselves with basic crochet terms in order to read the patterns properly. There are a number of standard crochet terms and abbreviations that are frequently used. Some of these crochet terms pertain to the various stitches used in a section of a pattern, while others refer to colors. MC is the crochet term for the main color that is used in a pattern. CC is the secondary or contrasting color used. YO means to wrap the yarn over the hook and CH is the crochet term for a chain stitch.

There are even more standard crochet terms, such as SC, which means single crochet, and DC, meaning double crochet. Single crochet and double crochet are simply ways of stitching; all the terms used are based on a single crochet stitch, which means inserting the crochet hook into a stitch, wrapping the yarn around the hook and drawing the hook back through the stitch, wrapping the yarn over the hook and lastly drawing through both loops. There are also half-double crochet stitches, which are abbreviated to HDC, and treble crochet, which is shortened to tr. SL is the abbreviation for the crochet term slip stitch.

Differences between British and American Crochet Terms

Some of the crochet patterns that you may come across could be American, but others could be from anywhere around the world. A number of countries use certain crochet terms that differ in other places. American and British patterns, for example, differ in a number of crochet terms. The main differences are important because they can completely alter a pattern if the contradictory meaning is used. The American crochet terminology for a slip stitch is called a single crochet in Britain. An American single crochet is a double crochet in Britain. Likewise, an American double crochet is considered a treble crochet, and an American triple crochet is a British double-treble crochet. It is essential that people who are learning how to crochet and who are using different patterns realize exactly what country’s terms are used. Using the American terms in a British pattern could ruin the whole project and vice versa. Most patterns should indicate where they are from or what crochet terminology they are using so, as long as care is taken, it should not get too confusing.