Austin is one of the centers for culinary arts in Texas. Almost a hundred restaurants, hotels, and resorts are already operating throughout Austin, each serving specialties prepared by professional cooks or chefs. The culinary style found in the area is said to be diverse and a number of culinary arts training opportunities are now available for aspirants to consider. Several reports also revealed that in Austin, Texas the hospitality industry has nearly doubled in the past decade, supporting more than 130 hotels and resorts. Well, it is this condition actually that makes Austin an ideal place to study culinary arts.

The Austin culinary arts schools now come in great numbers. They can be found all throughout the area and each offers degrees and programs in culinary arts that are designed to help prepare people for finding job possibilities in the culinary field. What is nice to know about the Austin culinary arts schools is that all of their programs are handled and conducted by professional culinary artists. They are even offered a good balance of hands-on trainings and theoretical instructions.

If you are wondering what particular Austin culinary arts schools are popular in Texas and in the United States, read on. Below are two of the most well-known culinary arts schools that have been serving the Austin area with high-quality culinary education. Here are the best picks:

Texas Culinary Academy

Considered throughout Texas as an upshot of a Chef Apprenticeship program that was approved by the American Culinary Federation in 1981, the Texas Culinary Academy has partnered with one of the most prestigious institutions in the culinary arts industry, the Le Cordon Bleu. It is this partnership that sets the Texas Culinary Academy one of the best Austin culinary arts schools available. They are noted specifically for the high-quality education that they provide which features a unique combination of classical French culinary techniques with innovative American technology. Today, this Austin culinary arts school has made their pursuit of excellence their primary foundation for success in today’s rapidly growing culinary field.

Culinary Academy of Austin

Here is but another notable culinary arts school serving the Austin area with a high-quality education, the Culinary Academy of Austin. This institution is particularly committed to helping their students reach their professional goals by way of using the individualized training methodology that they have been offering for years now. What is great about this Austin culinary arts school is that all of their programs are handled by highly experienced and trained culinary instructors. They even work hard just to place their students in the career path that best matches their goals and needs. It is for this effort that the Culinary Academy of Austin is now preferred by many aspirants of culinary arts.