For the top Great Barrier Reef vacation, you will find the South Long Island Nature Lodge in the Whitsundays comes top of the list. It is an adult-only very secluded island retreat accessible only by helicopter, catering for a maximum of ten guests.

This is the place for a luxury Australia vacation with fine dining, premium Australian wines, incredibly personalized service in a totally unspoiled part of Australia.

The Whitsundays consist of 74 islands of which 8 are inhabited lying midway along the Queensland coast, bordered by the Great Barrier Reef and cradled by the Coral Sea

South Long Island Nature Lodge has an all-inclusive tariff except for wine and beers includes private helicopter tours, and private catamaran yacht cruises to explore the coral gardens, deserted beaches and the unique wildlife in this part of the Whitsundays.

South Long Island Nature Lodge has just ten superb waterfront bungalows overlooking the private beach of Paradise Bay and is a perfect escape for a top Great Barrier Reef vacation, as this is the most secluded and unspoiled location in the Whitsundays. The bungalows are right on the waterfront, surrounded by tropical rainforest with spectacular views of Paradise Bay.

Possibly the most spectacular time you will have at the Lodge is when you are taken by helicopter out to The outer Great Barrier Reef, and there really is nothing to beat a view of the reef from the air, stretched out below you. It will also take you to a White haven beach possibly one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Fine dining is a necessity for a vacation to be truly successful and this luxury Australian Vacation to South Long Island Nature Lodge will give you fine dining every night, with fresh local produce, and some of the best seafood you will get anywhere. The chef will basically cook whatever your dietary requirements and food fads are, it is that person a service.

Food is eaten dinner part style, under a thousand-star sky overlooking the beach. This enables you to meet and get to know people you’d never normally chat with, and have some scintillating conversations.

The South Long Island Nature Lodge really is paradise for the stressed executive and partner, with never more than ten guests, no televisions, no young children, no mobile phones, and no day visitors to disturb you. It’s like your own private island, with your own chef, and boat skipper at your beck and call, and a hostess to ensure your every whim is met. All of which makes for a perfect Australia Luxury Vacation.