It’s a proven fact simple and user-friendly websites generate more sales. To improve your sales, look for ways to simplify and make it easier for your visitors. Test your ordering process. Remove the clutter, broken links, and anything that distracts or confuses. Here’s a quick checklist to help your site pass inspection with your visitors and convert more of them to customers:

1. Sizzle Your Headlines.

Headlines are the most important marketing element of your website and your web marketing in general. Think about it a minute. What makes someone click your email out of the scores of emails in their ebox? Why do people choose your article out of a list of 20 or so on the page? They click because of your headline.

Invest time into crafting a sizzling headline. Seek to capture the interest of your visitor when they first arrive at your site. Using your headline makes them want to know more about your product or services. Develop your headline to grab your prospect by the hand and lead them throughout your site emphasizing what your product/service can do for them.

One more thing, after developing a heated headline, make it stand out from the rest of your copy. Use bold type, large font sizes, and even a different color according to the style of your web page.

2. Write Sizzling Sales Copy.

If the headline is the most important marketing element of your website, the second most important element is your sales copy. Turn the key to your profits by using benefits. After capturing your visitor’s interest with a sizzling headline let them know immediately what’s in it for them – benefits. Make the most of your direct contact with your prospect. They have arrived at your site looking for something. If you have targeted your visitors well they are looking for your information, product, or service. Include the basic elements every sales letter should have. There are lots of good sales letter writing software, templates, and advice around the internet. Don’t know where to start?

3. Create Simple Navigation

Make your site easy to navigate. Place your links or buttons in a prominent place and keep them in the same place on every page. Your design should guide visitors through the information you want them to read. Make your colors, layout, links, and buttons consistent. Title every page, so visitors will always know where they are. Place your buy buttons or contact information in the same place from page to page. Provide links on every page back to the homepage.

4. Develop a Clear Call to Action

Many websites lose countless opportunities to make a sale or capture a lead because they fail to ask something of their visitors. Call your visitors to a specific action. At the end of every page using the power of the direct command whether it’s simply directing them to contact you for further information or a directive to browse further into your site. For example, instead of “If you would like this beautiful travel brochure, we will be happy to send it” use “Sit down right now and fill out this form to start planning your vacation.” Or instead of “Call us to purchase your very own widget” use “Dial this number 877-846-9908 to purchase your widget today.”

5. Use Harmonic Images

Unseasoned site owners will sometimes use graphics or photos that do nothing to help illustrate their message. For example, they choose cutesy stars and flowers on a site selling accounting services. Look for clip art and photos that will support your important message.

Select graphics or design elements that will harmonize and illustrate your site’s message. Web Wit Tip: For non-techies like the author, invest in inexpensive clipart/photo sets that will enhance and help illustrate your communications. Additionally, unless you are training to become a graphic artist looking for graphic programs with templates to shorten your learning curve.