Women adore getting flowers, most especially roses, as it is a symbol of love and affection. If you’re sentimental and want to preserve your most precious bouquet.  So here are some hacks you can follow to keep the freshness of any flowers.

1) If you have roses and greens wrapped, and you want to arrange them in a vase, the first step is to get a bowl of warm water, and with a sharp knife slice the ends slantwise underwater. 

2) For best results put them in a vase of warm water and a package of flower food and if possible refrigerate for 2 hours. You’ll want them to absorb the water well. Note, if you don’t have flower food, you can use a spoon of sugar and a few drops of bleach. The bleach will kill bacteria in the water.

3) Before you place your roses in a vase, take each rose stem and take off the leaves that may be below the waterline, but don’t take them all off because the greens contribute to the overall look of the arrangement.

4) Now the next step goes against what most florists will tell you. If at all possible, if the thorns are not too big, I suggest you do not take them off. The reason for this is that it causes the rose stem to be wounded. This leaves them open to bacteria, and they’ll wilt quicker. If you have to take some of them off then take your thumb, put it on the side of the thorn, and pop it off. This is the least invasive way to get them off.

5) Change the water daily to prevent mosquitos from breeding in the water.

6) If an arrangement has arrived at you already made, then you need to change the water daily, feed them, and do a fresh cut on the bottom. Check to see if any leaves are below the water line and remove them.

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll enjoy your roses much longer.