You have just gone through a big break up, and you are asking yourself how to get over someone you love. There are a few steps you can do to help get over your lost love and move on. These steps are made to remind you why things got to where they are and use that to remind yourself.

Your first solution of how to get over someone is to remind yourself of all the times you were treated like a second class situation in the relationship. Ask yourself if that sort of abuse is what you want back. The obvious answer of ‘no’ will reinforce the breakup and weaken feelings of love that might be lingering. Figuring out how to get over someone you love does not have to be difficult. When your feelings of love arise, redirect them towards others in your life. Focus the love you are feeling now to where it is most important. The positive elements that are currently in your life will provide the foundation for getting over your lost love. You are important and worth it.

You should also put your trust in the fact that things will improve. Likewise, you have grown from your relationship. The things in our life that hurt us only serve to make us stronger. This is how you can learn how to get over someone you love, by taking in the lessons you have and using them to better yourself and your outlook.

Do not view your ex with bitterness, for that will infect you and make you hurt over the loss more. Instead, direct compassion towards the person you loved, because they will be hurting too. They will also be suffering through the loss. If they have moved on, then you should take that and use it to help you move on.

How to get over someone you love involves taking the passion that you still have, and redirecting it into other aspects of your life. There is an incredible amount of power behind it and if you let it linger on the person you used to love it will ruin you. If you instead take it and turn it into the driving force that empowers you to become better and achieving happiness.

Always be sure to remind yourself of why you broke up. There had to be pain and misery and strong emotions that brought about the end of your relationship. When you start to want for your ex again, remind yourself why you left them, and realize that you deserve so much more. You deserve happiness and joy and lingering on the pain is not how to get over someone you love.

You are important, and you need to be able to move on. Focusing on the bad things will not help you to move on and find love and happiness again. How to get over someone you love is about redirecting your love and passion into becoming better.