Whatever the purpose of your web site you have to pay for certain services. As a bare minimum, you will need to pay for hosting, for traffic, and for an autoresponder account. The costs of these services are fixed irrespective of the number of sales that you can make.

Let’s say that your total fixed costs for these services are $500 a year and that you sell 50 e-books a year at $27. That means that your income is $1350 and, after paying your fixed costs you are making an $850 profit each year. So your profit represents about 63% of your sales income.

Now, let’s say your current conversion rate of unique visitors to sales is about average at 2%. So to get 50 sales you need 2,500 unique visitors.

To boost their sales income, most people will try to increase the traffic to their website by spending money on Pay Per Click campaigns, advertising in e-zines, or by investing in banner adverts. If you don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash, then you will need to invest a lot of time on article writing and other “do it yourself” promotional activities.

What if you could nearly double your profit in a few easy steps?

It is very easy. You simply have to closely examine your web site and look for ways of improving the impact that you are having on your customer.

Look at your headline, does it really grab the attention of your visitors?

Do the first few paragraphs of your sales copy draw in your visitor and encourage them to read further?

Are your testimonials conveying a strong and powerful endorsement of your product?

Are you making good use of text color to emphasize the important trigger words in your copy?

Did you know that there are over 21 critical elements within a typical sales letter page?

Let’s look at the bottom line. If you can implement a few simple improvements to your website and increase your sales conversion rate to just 3%, you will make an additional 25 sales without increasing your costs. 25 sales at $27 will put an additional $675 in your pocket. Your fixed costs are still the same so it is all pure profit!

Can you afford to leave that money on the table?