Aloha! Thus, a greeting that spells an idyllic paradise for a total vacation escapade. An ultimate destination for those who are seeking the value of escapism from the hustle and bustle in the urban jungle. It takes pride in its soothing beaches, fiery sunsets, fragrant forests, and signature leis that define what Hawaii is.

The lone state in the United States that is completely surrounded by water, Hawaii is located in the southernmost tip of the country. It comprises 19 islands across a distance of 1, 500 miles. Eight of which are considered main which are all situated in the southeastern border of the archipelago. Here is a bird’s eye view of some of those main islands that impress a grand moment when snorkeling in Hawaii.

* Oahu

It may not be the largest island but for the past thirty years, Oahu has always been the hub on where the action is especially when snorkeling in Hawaii. Their beaches are always crowded because it just near the malls, hotels, restaurants, and bars. You will surely fall in love with the comfort and convenience of watching the stunning view of the ocean. You need not go far to find the spectacular nature that Oahu is popular for. With 64 beaches, waterfalls set in majestic volcanic parks, botanical gardens, and an excellent marine preserve, this is definitely the place to be.

* Maui

Do not ever miss visiting Lahaina and Kihei-Wailea that are both luxury resorts in Maui and most recommended for snorkeling in Hawaii. Surfing is such a popular activity to do on the island especially if it is done in Kamaole Beach Park which is known for its huge waves. Of the attractions are the humpback whales that spend winters n the Au- au channel. Every year, they swim from Alaska then migrate to the warm Pacific waters for breeding and giving birth. This location is just the finest venue for a sunset beach wedding. Even with the busy beaches, there are also secluded and quieter bays that you can choose from.

* Kauai

From the striking cliffs of the Na Pali Coast to the west, to the chic south shore sated with five-star hotels, Kauai has nothing but the best of both worlds. It may have developed into a busy metropolis, but it has managed to maintain its distinct, natural beauty ideal for snorkeling in Hawaii. It is in Lihue that most of the excursionists start. It is here that you can trace the history of the sugar mill which is still fully operational. There is also the museum where from there you can decide to go inland where you will find concrete sidewalks and vacation rentals. To the north are abounding coast of coconut trees. There are hundreds of them that are lined up on the highway which makes it great sight as you go kayaking.