Prostate cancer is one of the deadliest diseases among men, and yet many men are unaware that they have the disease until it’s too late. Next to heart attacks, prostate cancer is the leading cause of death for men. Though frequent prostate testing can be less than pleasant (as are many exams such as colon testing or heart stress tests), it’s pertinent in the fight of cancer through early detection and treatment.

Early detection through a prostate examination can help you and your doctor determine a course of action to help your prostate potentially heal itself or to surgically remove the prostate gland in time before the disease becomes fatal. Prostate testing reveals if the prostate gland is swollen. Even minimal swelling of the prostate can be a sign that it is getting sick though some prostate gland enlargement often occurs as men age. In some cases, men have been completely healed thanks to the early detection of a swollen prostate.

The prostate gland is located just below the bladder and is normally about the size of a walnut. It surrounds the urethra, and its main function is to carry urine (out of the bladder) and semen through the penis. A man with prostate cancer may experience symptoms such as becoming incontinent or increased urinating frequency, painful ejaculation during sexual intercourse, or pain or a burning sensation while urinating. But with proper testing through a doctor or prostate self-test, swelling can be detected before any of these symptoms appear.

Benefits of Prostate Self Tests

Thankfully, there are now prostrate self-tests that can be performed at home to help in the early detection of this disease. A man who is uncomfortable visiting the doctor may find a prostate self-test to be a great solution. The prostate self-test works similarly to testing in the doctor’s office and should be completed at least once every six months.

A prostate self-test involves drinking a certain given amount of water and then using a special medical tool, which can be obtained at any local pharmacy without a prescription, or it can even be obtained online. It is an easy process that any man can do, and the test results can be read using simple instructions. The prostate self-test reveals if the prostate gland is swollen. Though the prostate self-test is not meant to replace regular doctor visits, it can be used as an in-between testing method to keep a check on the state of your prostate gland. If you detect swelling through a prostate self-test, do see a doctor right away for further examination and to determine if treatment is needed.

Prostate self-tests can be obtained online, and detailed explanations are provided to help you use the test properly. These tests also make excellent gifts for any man over the age of 25, for Father’s Day, birthdays, or holidays. Give the gift of life to yourself or a friend or loved one.

With a prostate self-test, you can avoid having so many unpleasant doctor visits while staying on top of your male health. Frequent testing is one of the primary preventive measures to help you live a longer, healthier life. Take care of your prostate health with a prostate self-test today!