Keeping nails short and healthy is the goal, but if you don’t get enough sleep or exercise, it’s hard to make that happen. Nails become brittle over time and the condition becomes more difficult to manage.

First, you should find out how healthy your nail bed is. If it’s healthy, it means your nails are healthy. This is usually the case with people who go to a dermatologist or a doctor regularly.

While there are a lot of products on the market for nail care, it’s important to take a step back and ask yourself if you really need them. Some products can actually be harmful to your health.

Once you know your nail condition, you should start looking for products that can help improve your nails. You can buy many over-the-counter products without a prescription. You can also get prescription products that will help treat mild to moderate problems, or you can choose a product that’s specially designed for your problem.

You may have short nails because you’ve been using harsh nail polish for a long time. Use products that contain vitamin C, as this can be a great treatment for brittle nails. You can also use it to make the nail longer.

You might be able to treat your nails by removing dead skin cells from the nail bed. Products that contain zinc are great for removing dead skin cells.

You might also want to try a topical formula for dry, brittle nails. These formulas can be effective and are relatively safe.

For people with brittle nails, you might want to look for a protein keratin formula. Protein keratin works by inhibiting the formation of dead skin cells. As the skin is cut away, the dead skin cells release a liquid that helps clog the nail bed.

Another way to treat your nail condition is to cut off the excess dead skin. You can do this by gently shaving your nails at night. Then you can continue to shave them in the morning before you go to bed.

To promote growth, apply a conditioner directly to the nail bed. Also, use a moisturizer to keep your nails soft and supple. Avoid being overzealous and use a brush to apply the conditioner to your nails.

Following these nail care tips will help keep your nails healthy and strong. You’ll get more satisfaction out of your nails by taking care of them properly.