Angels in art and meditation are an alternative and spiritual healing therapy for child development.

As more and more alternative and spiritual healing are being studied and documented they are finding that all forms of upliftment heal the body, mind, and spirit. Angelic art falls within this category by uplifting the spirit. I do not claim Angel paintings create physical healings. Angel paintings soothe the emotions and create a more peaceful atmosphere helping today’s society deal with the stressful world we now find ourselves in on a day-to-day basis.

Angel paintings are unique. They are a form of healing art. Angelic art uplifts, motivates, comforts, soothes, and inspires. Each painting holds its own inspirational energy, and you do not have to be a “believer” for this to work. These paintings work on a deep emotional level, clearing, releasing, and comforting the emotions and melting the stress of the day away. Inspiring within each individual that gazes upon them their own God-like image and this is how the healing takes place. A place of beauty and perfection is remembered by the Soul.” Divine energy is at work assisting alternative and spiritual healing through Angel therapy in the form of fine art.

Each day, more and more documented proof is coming through from the medical fields proving that Art and Music are truly recognized healing tools to be used by everyone. Whether it be in participation, gazing upon, or listening … Art heals. This has always been known in the Alternative and Holistic medicines, but now is being used more and more in the traditional medicines opening up a whole new train of thought causing many, many positive results benefiting all. I look forward to it becoming an everyday occurrence … just as a standard prescription is used.

‘Healing With The Angels’, by Doreen Virtue who also authored Angel Therapy, “teaches esoteric and practical methods that help you work with your Angels in healing your relationship, family and body issues.” Angel or Angelic art is an extension of this therapy.

Indigo and Crystal Children and the elderly respond to the Angel Paintings with a knowingness of love and illumination that comes from within them. Sometimes the reactions have been as though they are recognizing an old friend.

Children respond to Angels. I have spent many an hour introducing children to their Guardian Angels through guided visualization meditations. These meditations are a great way for children to have fun and to feel safe as never before when they actually know their own Angel. Angel paintings work in the same way when hung in their space, and they know this is an image of their Angel. I have personally witnessed children who were afraid and shy most of the time become outgoing, happy kids … when they have acknowledged their Angel it seems to open a whole new world for them because they know they are safe with their Guardian Angel watching over them.

Angels are so much more than we realize. I have found them to be great teachers and an endless source of information.

The Angels are the keepers and protectors of our children and surround each and every child with their wings of love. They focus on the nurturing, love, and guidance of each and every little soul … which speaks to my heart and makes it smile, and I get to be called “The Angel Lady” by all these wonderful children.

Angels are so much more than messengers.

© 2005 Sharae Taylor

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