Who’s afraid of heights? If you are, then you must try skydiving to get the fright out of your system. If you are acrophobic, don’t you think that this is just the right sport for you? No kidding.

Skydiving is just one of the most adventurous sports there is. People are willing to pay the price just to experience the great wonder and tremendous joy that it brings. The whole of the earth is yours for the taking when you try this extreme sport. The beautiful scenery above the clouds is just as panoramic as the wide green plains and blue vast oceans on your way down.

Be like the birds or at least feel like you’re wearing the suit of Superman or Supergirl. Skydiving promises more than that. There is more to the excitement you will experience when you do your first attempt at it. Experience the absence of gravity for a while and keep afloat on air like you have never done before. On your descent, it lets you feel the charging velocity as you are glided to and from, a ride that is better than a rollercoaster or giant Ferris wheel.

For the neophytes, tandem skydiving suits them well because they have their companion who will take charge of everything. All they have to do is to experience the heart-pumping adrenalin rush. Or try to shout at the top of their lungs and feel the exhilarating, breathtaking, kaleidoscopic view that skydiving gives.

Tandem skydiving lets you experience without having to worry about the dos and don’ts. An instructor is paid well enough to let you feel what it is like going down with a speed of 120mph and at a height of more than 12,000 feet.

But before anyone can do and experience everything about skydiving, a good starter’s info will not do any harm. We must remember that in everything we do, an ounce of prevention is still worse than a pound of cure and skydiving is no excuse. Be sure that you enroll in a licensed skydiving school with excellent equipment. There are many schools that would-be-skydiving-aficionados can choose from the internet.

Part of the price that one has to pay for a good skydiving moment is risk. Fractures, bruises, or even a gruesome death could happen. But, who cares? Whether you go on a skydiving adventure or not, risk is everywhere. So better take the risk and brave yourself and tell the world that you are ready for your first skydiving escapade. Because mind you, it is one of the safest sports or recreational activities that many thrill-seekers enjoy and will continue to love doing.

So what are you waiting for? If you think that skydiving is the right thing for you, then drag your parents to the nearest skydiving school and have your self listed. Your parents might just like to try skydiving too.

So now, who says that you are afraid of heights? Skydiving, anyone?