This small exotic island of Aruba which lies at the heart of the Southern Caribbean has become a vacation haven for tourists from all walks of life. Everybody wants to experience Aruba and be enchanted by its wild, natural beauty. Why not? One never runs out of things to do in Aruba. Topping the list is a visit to its world-renowned beaches. Who has not heard of the famous Palm Beach with its pristine white sand, fringed with green palms, providing a perfect backdrop for the shimmering turquoise of the Caribbean Sea? The island boasts of other equally famous and beautiful white sand beaches and all of them offer a treasure trove of wonders waiting to be discovered. For the adventure lovers, scuba-diving is a must if one wants to uncover the secrets of Aruba’s underwater world. Beautiful coral reefs, teeming with marine life, a variety of tropical fish parading in vibrant colors, manta rays, barracuda, and other sea creatures, all seen at close range and conspiring to stage a spectacular show is the ultimate experience. The opportunity to explore sunken shipwrecks of World War II vintage only serves to make the experience more unforgettable. Aruba, with its trade winds, is also perfect for sailing and windsurfing.

For the less intrepid tourist who prefers to remain close to the shore, snorkeling still affords one a magnificent view of the coral formations and marine life. One can go kayaking along the coast and enjoy the sight of mangrove forests and secret caves. Deep-sea fishing is another attractive, albeit a more serene way of enjoying the charms of this island where Atlantic game fish are abundant.

Water activities are not the only things to do in Aruba. Horseback riding through its landscapes, from the sand dunes to the desert-like plains allows one to revel in the untamed beauty of its wildlife. One can also rent a four-wheel drive for an island tour along the North Coast with its rugged terrain, giant cacti, and the popular divi-divi trees. One of the top tourist attractions is the Natural Bridge which, at twenty -five feet above sea level, is the Caribbean’s highest and most impressive coral structure.

Spelunking in Aruba’s underground caves unfolds a different story and offers another exciting, mysterious side of Aruba which makes it definitely not the last priority in one’s list of things to do in Aruba. They are said to have been used by the Pirates of the Caribbean as their hideouts, a story that adds a touch of romance and adventure to these caves’ exploration.

Like the proverbial tip of the iceberg, we have barely skimmed the surface of the things to do in Aruba. There is so much more this lovely island has to offer and still so many things to do in Aruba. Part of the excitement lies in slowly unraveling its mystery and falling under its spell.