Nails are the primary decorative components of our fingernails. We often forget about this part of our hands. And since our fingernails are generally not visible, we often neglect to take care of them.

You should know that you can choose from artificial, synthetic, or acrylic nails. These are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. But before deciding upon a particular design, you should know more about them.

Artificial nails are perfect for those who do not have enough time to go for nail artistry. They have the great gripping ability. They also offer more flexibility. They are made up of many fibers that are cut into specific shapes. Thus, they will provide a variety of looks.

The drawbacks of synthetic nails are that they cost a lot more than natural nails. And the longevity of artificial nails is not as long as natural nails. Thus, it is recommended that you consult your medical practitioner before you choose one of these.

On the other hand, acrylic nails look like real nails. They have the same appearance as natural nails. They are easily washable and can be taken care of using your favorite cleaning agent. They last longer than artificial nails and this is one of the main reasons why many people prefer these. The only disadvantage is that the lifespan of acrylic nails is shorter than that of natural nails.

There are different designs of artificial nails that are available for those who want to choose a suitable design for their fingernails. Some of the most popular designs include:

Sparkle nails — They are the most famous designs in the nail industry. These artificial nails come in different colors such as purple, pink, orange, etc. And they look just like real nails.

Clipper nails — The clipper nails look just like real nails. Their quality is generally very good. However, they usually do not last as long as real nails. So, if you have some concerns about your nails, these are the best options for you.

Mini lollipop nails — These are best for those who have short nails. They are also available in different designs. For example, there are ones that look like natural nails while others look like chunky mini nails.

Chunky nail designs — There are designs that are called sexy design. These are created to make the wearer look very attractive. These nails can be worn during the daytime and at night.

After purchasing your nails, you can go to beauty salons to get nails treated. Or you can also buy your nails from online retailers.