Sometimes you don’t need to spend a fortune to fix a decorating mistake or problem. In fact, easy and inexpensive solutions are more common than you may think. Here are six cheap and simple decorating fixes.

1) Paint. Need to update a room or give it some flair. Paint is the easiest and least expensive fix there is. With a gallon or two, about $50, you can give a room a brand-new look.

2) Throws and pillows. Ok, so the sofa is getting worn and dated, but the budget won’t allow you to replace it yet. What to do? Casually drape some throw blankets across a corner and add some coordinating pillows. Don’t just put the throw over the back, have gone on the corner, draping, so it falls across an arm, part of the back, and over a cushion. We were selling our house and had redecorated the whole thing, but we couldn’t afford new couches even though the dog had snagged the fabric with his claws. Throws and pillows covered up the problem spots and made the boring couches look romantic and inviting.

3) Area rugs. Have a problem floor or a spot? Hide it with a rug. We had refinished hardwood floors in our first house, but there was a water stain smack dab in the middle of the room that no amount of standing could fix. We didn’t have the money to replace the floor, so we bought a small oriental rug instead. While the rug seemed expensive at the time, it was cheaper than replacing half of the hardwood, added a warm luxurious feel to the room, and it has lasted nearly 20 years!

4) New cabinet hardware. Cabinets make a big statement in a kitchen or bath, but replacing them cost thousands of dollars. For a simple way to update and dress up cabinets, simply change the hardware. Get fancy knobs that make a statement. Spend a little extra than you may normally because remember how much you’re saving by not replacing your cabinets.

5) Slipcovers. Yes, slipcovers. No longer is these the horrid things your grandmother used. Now slipcovers come to be easily put on, sized to fit well, and designed to be attractive and modern. Do a Google search, and you’ll be surprised how many you can find.

6) Sponging or rag painting. Do you have a wall that’s been patched or had cracks repaired, but it’s just not as smooth as it once was? A great way to camouflage it is to sponge or rag paint the wall. The inherent texture of these painting techniques can hide a multitude of plaster and drywall sins.

See; you don’t have to break the bank to easily fix some decorating problems.