Allergies are a part of life. It is estimated that more than one in five people suffers from allergies do have a significant impact on our lives. While some allergies are minor, others can be dangerous, causing breathing difficulties, such as asthma, and even anaphylaxis.

Allergies are a great subject to write about for articles, blogs, or anything else that can be written about. Allergies are not something that you will simply get over. You may have one today and in a couple of days, you could be suffering from an allergy that may have turned into a severe case of anaphylaxis, an emergency reaction that may require an ambulance to come and transport you to the hospital.

One of the most common types of allergy is hay fever. It is caused by allergic reactions to dust mites, irritants such as smoke, molds, and pollen, as well as contact with animals that have allergies. The skin becomes itchy red patches that can appear on the skin that can itch for hours and sometimes even days at a time. Hay fever is chronic and can also lead to breathing difficulties.

Allergies can also be caused by seasonal or environmental factors. For example, dairy allergies can be caused by exposure to cows, cow’s milk, and the udders of pregnant cows. Contact with trees can cause allergies in people who are sensitive to tree sap, also called tree pollen. Some animals, such as chickens, can carry a disease called avian eosinophilia, which causes contact dermatitis. Airborne allergens may also be a problem, which is why it is very important to keep up your anti-allergy medications at all times.

Allergies can also be caused by medical conditions such as asthma, eczema, and food allergies. People with severe allergies, particularly asthma, should have their medical condition evaluated by a doctor or nurse specialist if they are going to participate in strenuous exercise or other activities that may be stressful to their immune system.

People with asthma must be careful when they are around smoke, which has a caustic odor that is so bad for asthmatics that it is not worth avoiding it. They can also be especially sensitive to airborne allergens. Anyone who has had asthma in the past, or is diagnosed with it in the future, should have his or her medical condition evaluated by a doctor before engaging in any kind of exercise, particularly strenuous exercise.

Another common form of skin allergy is rosacea. This is caused by sensitivity to sunburn or also known as sunburn. Skin allergies can also be caused by contact with fish, dirt, shellfish, or any type of water and the stinging of insects.

Inhaling cigarette smoke or using tobacco products and inhalants can trigger asthma and may also cause people to experience post-nasal drip. Eczema is also an allergy but is much milder and less severe than asthma.

Food allergies or intolerances may cause problems in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract or in the body symptoms. These can cause bloating, cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, gas, and general intolerance. Colds and fevers caused by food allergies can also cause low blood sugar levels that can lead to hypoglycemia, which may cause seizures and coma.

Those who have asthma may also be affected by allergies. Those who suffer from asthma may need an inhaler because the prescription strength may be too weak for them. There are also certain allergic triggers that can cause asthma.

Allergies are common forms of allergy that affect millions of people. The best way to deal with allergies is to understand them and avoid them as much as possible. It is also important to seek medical attention when you think you are allergic to something.