The domain name industry is one of the most flourishing online industries. The industry flourishes on selling/buying domain names as a commodity. Today more and more companies are getting into the DOMAINING business.

It is the business of buying, selling, developing, and monetizing Internet domain names. The professionals dealing in domain names are known as Domainers. Domainers buy, sell, and develop domain names. In domaining, income comes through domain parking and development, as well as resale. Some professionals prefer the terms domain investing and domain investor to the terms domaining, remained, or domain speculator.

You can park the domain name with a parking service. These pay a percentage of the advertising revenue that is derived from the advertisements placed on a page showed when someone visits the domain. Most of these parking services also offer a sales listing service for enabling an easy resale marketing of the domain.

You can make your own park page; you only have to create own small website with the ads and then receive a hundred percent of the revenue. However, it will not be much profitable as the parking services get more traffic flow.

You should create a small website but that should be rich in content. Usually, these small sites are enriched with the articles and contextual advertisements from the AdSense, which are often known as AdSense Sites. You can develop a website with complete features. These types of sites include selling services or products and also the paid links and advertisements.

While at the stage of development and value-adding, make money by just reselling the Domain/ Site for a higher value above the purchase price. Here are the factors that gain value:

— Keywords and brand-ability of the name

— The number of website visitor traffic

— Return from the website

— Current demand for similar names

— Current search engine ranking

— The number of websites linking to your website

— The interest of the buyer for the name

There are ways that can result in losing your money on domains; these include registering a trademarked name, paying too much for the domain name, or getting scammed by “email” and other types of frauds.

While keeping these things in your mind, you can more money. You can also easily make money from domain investments using smart ways of creating income streams or maximizing the resale value.