Let’s face it, we all have dreams. And we all want to know how to manifest dreams.

We had dreams since we were young and since that time we wanted to know how to manifest dreams. We lived our dreams in our imagination. We were brimming with confidence and were sure that one day we would manifest our dreams. However, sadly for most of us, it all ended when we grew up.

Why? Because the world and all its instruments, including our parents and teachers, told us that our dreams are just not possible. So we gave up on our dreams and followed the paths that were laid out for us.

Some became doctors, others became teachers and some others followed other professions. However, there were those who were determined to manifest their dreams.

They defied the establishments and followed their passion. They became sports stars, musicians, and still, others became artists and actors.

When we look at these people they show us something which is a key ingredient in learning how to manifest dreams. They all have a passion for what they are doing. They have discovered what they love, and they started doing it and found that they are actually good at it.

And very soon other people noticed it too and started supporting them by watching their games and movies and buying their music.

There’s something else that these people have and that we too had when we were young. It is “imagination.” They imagined their dreams, which is necessary if you want to know how to manifest dreams.

Imagination is very important for manifesting-dreams because it allows you to experience something before you can actually have it.

If you want to know how to manifest dreams you must realize that all reality starts in the mind. The architect cannot construct a building if he hasn’t designed it. And he cannot design something if he hasn’t seen it in his mind.

Similarly, you cannot manifest your dreams if you cannot see them first. But seeing is not enough. It needs to become tangible. You need to hear it, feel it, and touch it.

Next, you need to affirm it with emotion in the present or past tense. That indeed it is so.

Another thing that is necessary if you want to know how to manifest dreams is to listen to yourself and following your gut. That small voice inside you that may tell you to go left when everybody shouts, “go right!”

Following your dreams seems daunting, especially if you’re surrounded by negative people. However, if you give up on your dreams you may end your life with regrets.

Isn’t it better to see how far you can go? Where you may end up? In case you’re thinking who am I to want to be great and famous, let me remind you of the famous words of Maryanne Williamson. Who are you, not to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

Now that you know how to manifest dreams, you have no excuse not to manifest yours.