Many of us are surprised at the number of people who dread public speaking. Why do some people find public speaking intimidating and others relish it?

Well, it can be a very scary experience and it doesn’t need to be. Some people find that they have confidence issues because they did not learn proper breathing techniques or relax enough before speaking. A good therapist can help them overcome this fear.

Most people have some form of fear when it comes to public speaking. It can be different from person to person. Many people are extremely nervous or anxious when they try to speak in front of a large audience. These types of people are not like the ones who may be anxious and start sweating bullets because they forgot to put on their hearing protection or because they are hungry or thirsty.

Some people think that their voice has to be hoarse to be afraid of public speaking. While some may have a bad case of an overactive thyroid, others may have a mild form of tinnitus, also known as a ringing in the ears, when they are under pressure. You don’t need to have any health problems to be afraid of public speaking.

It’s important to remember that these fears are not in the mind of the people who have them. They are deeply rooted in the emotions that were stimulated by their experiences.

So, what are some of the reasons why people fear public speaking? A good place to start is with how we react to circumstances that threaten us.

We respond to situations that threaten us in one of two ways. We either continue to push forward, ignore the situation or we give up completely, and admit defeat.

The first category of people is the type that gets into a “freeze” mode. They make excuses to avoid a situation or they give up thinking that they are doomed to failure.

The second group is the group that is down and out and has very low self-esteem. When they are called upon to speak they do not feel comfortable or confident and they push forward.

Now that you understand why some people dread public speaking you can use this information to improve your confidence in public speaking. You are the only one who can determine if you are afraid or not. You can overcome your fear by learning how to relax and breathe deeply.

As long as you want to speak in public you should get rid of your fear of public speaking. Many people will suffer from public speaking for the rest of their lives if they do not. Keep this in mind and you’ll soon become a better public speaker.