If you have been thinking about a vacation in Orlando and are looking for tips on how to enjoy this beautiful vacation paradise, here is my top tip for you: stay in a rental home and not a hotel.

Orlando is the kind of place where you need to spend some time in order to enjoy all the attractions that are on offer. You can’t even explore all of Disney World, let alone the other parks, in one day. So, it is a big advantage to have a comfortable “pad” from which to experience and explore Orlando.

If you are visiting Orlando with your family it can be more economical to rent a condo, home, or villa than to try to cram the whole family into hotel rooms. And the savings come not only in the difference between the rent of a home and the hotel fees. When you are in your own rental home you can be more flexible with food, preparing your own lunch, breakfast, and snacks and this can add up to big savings.

Rental homes offer other advantages that go beyond shear economy. Many of the vacation rentals are quite luxurious. They offer several bedrooms and are equipped with private, screened swimming pools, cable TV, DVD and stereo systems.

Do you have a pet? It can be quite difficult to find hotels that will accommodate pets, but it is much easier to find vacation rentals that allow pets.

Are you looking for privacy? When you have your own condo, home, or villa you can come and go when you please.

When you think of a rental home you may be worried about cleaning and other services. You can set these worries aside because the vacation homes are professionally cleaned before you enter them and are cleaned after you leave them. And in case you are thinking about safety, the homes are fully licensed and equipped with smoke detectors, emergency lighting, and fire extinguishers.

Some vacation rental firms also offer special services that make it well worthwhile to stay there, such as discount tickets to all the major attractions in the area. These tickets allow you to eliminate the lines and the hassle of waiting. Some companies even have the elusive four-day park hopper pass for Disney which you can’t even buy at the park! And they even deliver these tickets to your door. All you have to do is order them by phone.

So, plan your vacation carefully. Give yourself enough time to really enjoy Orlando, and find a rental home, condo, or villa that will provide you with the comfort that you deserve on your vacation.